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Trust the packaging, not the driver.

Tamper-evident packaging with a patent-pending design that securely locks the container, so you and your customers know that it will arrive in the same condition it left. Peace of mind for your piece of pie.

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The perfect packaging solution for your restaurants.

More reasons to love Gurantab:


The easy-to-pack container is strong and stackable to save space. The easy-open lid makes it a breeze to pack the food.


The unique spill-proof design provides a tight, leak-resistant closure, and extended sidewalls prevent spillage.

Clean Design

The clean and simple design is perfect for white tablecloth restaurants or red check diners. The product works great with mac and cheese, steak and edamame, or rice and beans.

"In my defense I only steal fries from the UberEats customers. I consider it as my tip since those customers don't tip.” 
“I don't think I stole. I think it's compensation. I compensated myself”
“What if we only eat a little? 4 or 5 fries? Half a sandwich? I always use a knife, never take a direct bite.”

Trust the packaging, not the driver.

Show your customers how much you care about food safety and hygiene.

Food thieves are real.

In a poll with an online community, 31.3% of delivery drivers admitted that they eat customers' food.[]

Customers may not always know who’s at fault, but they’ll be more forgiving if it’s clear you’re doing everything possible on your end to deliver a great experience.

Customers blame it on you.

"The majority of consumers (76%) hold the restaurant at least partially responsible for any errors." [Read More]

“It is a quality issue and a food safety issue, but it’s also a brand issue for the restaurants,” said William Weichelt, a food safety official with the National Restaurant Association.[Read More]

Show that you care.

“Tangible means of minimizing the concern for food safety would be important” in increasing a customer base and market share, says Allen Reich, professor of restaurant management at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz. [Read More]

The restaurant industry is talking with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about ways to prevent food-borne illnesses or other problems arising from third-party delivery.

Peace of Mind Packaging

The Guarantab Clamshell is Fort Knox in a box, ensuring you maintain
control and product excellence.This gives your customers peace of mind and a great delivery experience, so they call back for more.

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Patented Guarantab lock.
Keeps the thieves out.
Fully customizable.
Builds your brand.
Tamper-evident tab.
Alerts customers when their food is not safe.
Reduces spillage and protects food.
New extended sidewalls.
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